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How to get cheated at a Petrol Pump

Pune... विद्येचे माहेरघर

And probably this extra abundance of talent makes people come up with some quick money making ideas. One such brilliant idea is to cheat u at a petrol pump...
makes for an ideal location, automated machines, people in hurry, no time to check whats happening... perfect!!!
And these things happen in a blink of an eye... you wouldn't even notice it and even if you do, it happens so fast u wud doubt ur own senses.

In case you are wondering what I am talking about, its the ways you can get cheated at a petrol pump. You might be getting fooled if you are not paying close attention.

I have noticed this a lot many times, have gotten first hand experience getting cheated a couple of times :), but eventually learned the pattern. You have experienced these or may be you are not paying attention to these.

A very common practice is to stop filling well before what you requested for. Lets say you ask for 1000/-, the attendant will ask you to check zero and start filling. At this point there 2-3 attendants around you being over friendly. He will stop at 200/-. Now you tell him that you have requested for 1000/-. To this he replies saying he will fill additional 800/- and he will shout at one of his companions and ask him to reset. At this moment another attendant starts talking to you, asking things like are you paying in cash or card or do you have the loyalty card etc., or he get very friendly and start talking about your car and any other gibberish. BEWARE!!! 
Remember the extra 800/- he was gonna fill, he didn't ask you to check zero this time and you also forgot to check it. Or even if you wanted to check zero, his pep talk made you look away from the meter. That's it, he has already started pouring. He did something on the meter and you think he reset it to zero. NO a BIG NO, you are only getting 800/- worth of fuel for 1000/-. And you are too confused to ask.
(One time when i asked to reset after 200/- he fumbled, couldn't think of what to do next and then started filling without resetting to 1000/-).

Sometimes, the attendant starts filling without actually resetting to zero. Someone probably filled in 100/- worth of fuel before you and now your counter is running without a reset. Again you over friendly guy was talking to you about you car.

I also heard that sometimes, the meter goes from something like 700/- straight to 1000/- so you actually got only 700/- worth but meter is showing 1000/-. You can ask for a meter receipt in this case to verify this.

The figures given are just for illustration, bhavnaon ko samzo...

Share if you have some interesting experiences.


  1. Ambarish Vaidya said...

    Excellent Write up !!!

  2. Anonymous said...

    Hey, what is the contact information of Devaaji. Even I wish to learn driving, meanwhile, let me tell you I am very low on road knowledge and I had terrible experience with one motor training school in Pashan. Needless to say, I have License, but I do not feel confident to drive

  3. Anonymous said...

    Hi Sushant,
    I am Devaaji - your Driving trainer ;) .
    This is already happened with me. That time I am going to my native place 400/- far from Pune. Time is 11 pm night. Place- Sai Gauri Pump- welknown as CNG pump at Kasarwadi near Nasik Phata. Same Type with me I want 1000/- petrol for my car, but they stopped on 300/-, same situation, 1 guy talked with me & my 5 yr. old son. then he completed another 700/-. That time I am not aware but when I am returned after 4 days from my native place to Pune, my car given this time below average than normal, [because my car & me very well know each-other ;) ]nearby shortage of 4 ltrs. means in Rs. 300/-. I am think on that, after that all picture was clear. when reached in Pune at 3 am Morning. I met the Pump Manager, told all the story (for your kind information I am Press reporter also). You didn't believe He filled up petrol of 300/- without any hesitation, without any charge.

    But most of the people didnt know this trick of pump operators

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